Buy Real Estate With Bad Credit – Repairing Your Credit

You probably opened this article because you want to buy real estate, but are unsure how you will do this with bad credit. The good news that I want to tell you right away is that with your own determination, you will be able to buy real estate. There are a number of options that someone with bad credit can pursue. This article will focus on repairing your creditSo lets start at the beginning, is your credit really bad? Some people think they have bad credit and then they check it just to find out it is much better then they thought. So check it. Most mortgage brokers and some online sites offer free credit checks. Make sure that you get a tri-merge credit pull from the big 3 agencies instead of just from a single agency. Read your report for accuracy. Call banks that reported against you and ask them to retract any inaccurate reports. It may take a month or two but your score should rise dramatically if you fix inaccurate findings.To improve your credit score, it is very important that you pay all your bills on time. If you are unable to pay all your bills, it is probably better to be 30 days behind on two accounts instead of sixty days behind on one account. Another strategy for helping to improve your credit score is to change the way you carry balances on your credit cards. You will improve your credit score if you keep your credit balances below 50% of the credit line allowed.For instance, let’s say you have only one credit card with a ten-thousand dollar balance that you have maxed out and pay every month. You might think that this is good for credit building; however, banks look at this as a mixed bag. They see that you pay your bills but you have maxed out your credit line. To start really improving your credit, open up another credit card account with an another ten-thousand dollar credit line and move half of what you owe over to the new account. The credit agencies will see that you are managing your account better and your credit score will rise.Some people receive a sum of money and pay off everything they owe. This feels good, but if you want to repair your credit, show banks that you can manage maintaining and paying off your light balances every month.